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Crenshaw 10 Year Anniversary

Crenshaw 10 Year Anniversary

Original Proud 2 Pay Members

Join us for the 10 year anniversary of PROUD 2 PAY as we celebrate at our rooftop venue.

Claim Free NFT + Enter the Vault
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Claim Free NFT + Enter the Vault

Original Proud 2 Pay Members

Gain early access to the Marathon Lion NFT and be among the first to enter the TMC Vault.

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Eligible for verified original Proud 2 Pay members

  1. Email w/ access code + URL
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  3. Receive NFT from the Marathon Vault
  4. Enter the Marathon Vault
The Marathon Lion Drop
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The Marathon Lion Drop


The official Marathon Lion NFT is here. Mint and awaken the Hussler in you.

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Eligible for new customers to become Proud 2 Pay

  1. Head to
  2. Click “Buy NFT”
  3. Connect or create a wallet
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  5. Enter the Marathon Vault
Free Proud 2 Pay Hat Claim
Trait-Based Reward
Coming Soon

Free Proud 2 Pay Hat Claim

Members w/ Proud 2 Pay Hat Trait

If you are one of the few with an NFT that has a PROUD 2 PAY hat in the artwork, you are eligible to claim a custom P2P hat.

Letterman Jacket Series
Members Only Drop

Letterman Jacket Series

Proud 2 Pay Members

Purchase the first of the next generation of Proud 2 Pay drops. Each jacket is chipped and connected to a digital asset.

The Next Generation of Proud 2 Pay Drops

Experience The Marathon like never before. Each limited edition product dropped on The Marathon Vault is backed and authenticated by a connected digital asset. With hybrid products you can choose whether to redeem or vault your physical, while flexing your ownership with the digital collectible.

Buy, sell, collect and awaken the hussler in you.

Tap products to manage assets and unlock ownership experiences.

The Proud 2 Pay Story

A Vision Ahead of its Time

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“It was a concept. It was basically always by choice, never by force. If you proud to pay for it, this the price of it.”
- Nipsey Hussle

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